School committees

Pupil Council


This year every pupil has a role in the Pupil Council within the school. At the moment we are working on our playtime games book. We have loads of games to write the instruction for and want to make it into a book that we can take outside with us at breaktimes. Our P7's are our representatives that go out to meetings with other Pupil council members from other schools, they organise fundraising events and lots of exciting things. Last year they helped organise the inter school quiz. The pupils have been helping organise a Reading is Fun event and design a book character. The winning enteries are being made into soft toys for each of the participating schools. Please read our evaulation sheet.



Eco Committee


We have just finished writing our new Eco Code. Are are going to take part in Waste Week as well this term. We have been working hard with our fundraising throught the selling of our produce. Our apples raised £24 and our potatoes raised £7.50 last year so we are hoping for the same or even more this year with the bumper crop we have got. We have used the money from last year to buy more birds seed for our feeders. This year as part of our on going Green Flag theme, we are concentrating on Litter - we would like to raise money for a new litter bin to be put on our grassy area of the playground. Waste Minimisation - we would like to have a battery collection point and reduce the amount of packaging we use when we have packed lunches. Food and the Environment - we are going to decide at our next meeting what we would like to do for this. After going and doing a Litter clean up at the shore and discussing it's impact on the wildlife. The children began to discuss the litter they had seen around the village and the impact it is having on the environment.They decided that they would like to see if we could get a bin at our picnic area, they thought that we could empty it every week during our Eco Jobs but would need help to get the bin and help to empty it during the school holidays.They asked if P7 could attend the local Community Council meeting to see if they might help us.