After school clubs

Health and Activity Club Tuesdays - Tuesday 3.15pm til 5pm

This is led by Mrs Fee and revolves around healthy activities ranging from our very own Winter Olympics to obstacle courses and scavenger hunts. There is also an emphasis on healthy (usually but everyone deserves a treat now and then!) eating and an introdution to the way the body works and the systems of the body relating to everyday life. We have looked at the respiratory system, the nervous system, the digestive system, the immune system (get those hands washed...) and the cardiac system. Next term we are starting a series of football sessions.




See our gallery for pictures :)


Arts & Craft - Wednesday 3.15 - 5.00pm
So far this year we have made model cars, paper flowers, fingerprint animal pictures, tried various drawing challenges and picked some of our favourite things to colour in. We have made decorations for Hallowe'en, Christmas and Easter. Next term we hope to be making things to decorate our grounds.



Film Club - Friday 3.15pm til 5pm We have watched a variety of films, old and new, such as Despicable Me, The Croods, Where the Wild things are, Spirit, House of Magic, Sing, Minions, Hugo and Pete's Dragon. Our film provider has just changed premises so we were able to select a whole lot of new films for next term. We have made a start with Stickman and the live action version of The Jungle Book. We also write film reviews and eat snacks!